Goldstein Estate-LACMA in Apollo Magazine by Kristopher Conner


Conner & Perry Architects was recently mentioned in a well written and researched article in Apollo Magazine on the recent deal between the Goldstein Estate and LACMA.  We highly recommend reading it (see link here) for a better understanding of the history of the property and the larger implications of the museum's acquisition of this architectural icon.

What is Los Angeles good at, beyond movies? Yes, the city has made an underrated contribution to modern art, and yes, much of Western pop music has come out of Los Angeles (although often incubated elsewhere first) and hell, it even has a couple of competent sports teams. But where the city has been a bona fide global leader in the last 100 years is in the field of residential architecture . . .

. . . Lautner, who died in 1994, did not design Club James, as it is known, but Goldstein got the next best thing: Lautner’s protégé Duncan Nicholson. When Nicholson unexpectedly died last year, the project passed to the firm of Kristopher Conner and James Perry, who had, in turn, been mentored by Nicholson. Goldstein’s extension of his property is a direct homage to its original architect – what an art historian might call ‘School of Lautner’. But it is far from original.
— Jonathan Griffin, "Big Lebowski pad acquired by LACMA" Apollo Magazine, 27 April, 2016 (

MCM Daily Features The Sheats Goldstein Residence by Kristopher Conner

"Located in Los Angeles the Sheats Goldstein house was designed by American architect John Lautner. An exemplary example of Organic Modernism the home is built into the sandstone ledge of a hillside creating a cave-like dwelling that takes full advantage of the surrounding nature as well as stunning views. Lautner was a master of the ‘challenging site’ (The Chemosphere, 1961 is certainly a good example) and this home’s design is an ideal solution to its steep hillside lot."

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