Conner & Perry Architects was founded in 2015 in Santa Monica, California by partners Kristopher Conner and James Perry, who came together while working with Architect Duncan Nicholson.  There they both were trained in the philosophy and tradition of Organic Architecture as it was taught to Duncan by world-renowned master of modern Architecture, John Lautner.  The legacy of this Architecture can be traced back through Lautner to his predecessors, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan.  Conner & Perry Architects strives to bring this philosophy of design to bear on a contemporary practice that addresses the challenges and concerns of today’s clientele and marketplace, while maintaining a sense of timelessness that is inherent in an Architecture that is at once unique, profound, and useful.


The philosophy of Organic Architecture is rooted in the individual calculus derived uniquely for each and every project from three overriding aspects.

The Site:  Architecture is in and of its environment.  The site and it’s varied topography, flora, fauna, weather patterns, orientation, climate, geology, views, light, and context (built and natural), all inform the ultimate design of the building and its connection to the surroundings.  Materials, form, and details are inspired by and relate to the milieu of the building’s ecology.

The Program:  Architecture is of use.  It should fulfill the needs for its intended purpose through form and organization, creating space that is in harmony with the human proportions of its inhabitants and their functions therein and throughout.  These functions are an extension of the pervasive connection to the environment and nature.

The Client: Foremost of these criteria is the client.  Without the client, their unique personality, desires, dreams, and means, there is no Architecture.  Architecture is a reflection of the person(s) for whom it is designed.  A client with courage, passion, and vision will elicit Architecture to match.

As the Architect our purpose is to invent a structural and formal solution that marries these three aspects into a complete work of art, and to provide a clear path forward that makes that vision a reality.  The core idea behind this solution should permeate every aspect of the project, from the overall site strategy to the smallest details.  Our goal is to provide a design for each client that will exceed their imagined possibilities while meeting their concrete expectations.



Kris is a NCARB certified, professionally licensed architect in the State of California with 25 years of experience in the fields construction, fabrication, and architecture.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia in 2001 and his Masters in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 2007.  He grew up on construction sites working with his father, who is a carpenter and general contractor.  After finishing his undergraduate education he went to New York City, where for four and a half years he worked in theater planning and acoustics as well as design-build, specializing in metal working and digital fabrication.  He moved to Los Angeles in 2005 to pursue his Masters degree and after graduating continued the investigations begun in his thesis project by working in the realm of high-end, modern, pre-fab homes.  He began working for Nicholson Architects in 2009 where he was introduced to the philosophy of Organic Architecture and teamed up with James Perry to form Conner & Perry Architects in 2015.


James is a NCARB certified, professionally licensed architect in the State of California with over 18 years working experience in architecture and construction.  He was born in Texas and received a Bachelor Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington School of Architecture. After finishing school he worked several years for carpenters and a general contractor, learning the construction trades before working for a small architecture firm that specialized in projects for financial institutions. He began working under the mentorship of Architect Duncan Nicholson in 2006 and in 2015 teamed up with Kris Conner to establish their own practice and carry on the principles of Architecture instilled in them by their predecessors.