Sheats Goldstein Residence on Extreme Homes / by Kristopher Conner

Take a tour through the Sheats-Goldstein Residence as featured on the HGTV show, Extreme Homes. James Goldstein was the driving force behind a series of renovations to the home he undertook with original Architect John Lautner shortly after he purchased the house in 1972. The construction has been ongoing to this day as the program has expanded with an infinity tennis court, additional entertainment spaces, and offices on the adjacent property.

The video is highlighted by commentary from Architect and former Lautner associate Duncan Nicholson. Nicholson worked on the house for many years under Lautner up until his death in 1994, at which point Nicholson took over the project and oversaw the Turrell skyspace and new entertainment complex adjacent to the home until his own passing in 2015.

As proteges of Duncan, we (Kris Conner and James Perry) took over the design and construction of the entertainment space known as “Club James”, as well as maintaining the original Sheats-Goldstein Residence for owner James Goldstein.

The home and the surrounding estate has been entrusted to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). It is James Goldstein’s wish that tours for students and lovers of architecture will continue and that when they see the home, it will inspire generations of architects to come.