New Conceptual Designs for a House in Culver City / by Kristopher Conner

These are three schematic designs for a complete renovation to a one story single-family residence in Culver City for a young family. The unique lot is pie shaped opening towards the back to an existing pool and outdoor space. 

Schematic 1:

The first design provides a cantilevered covered parking in the front of the building. The design also provides a completely open living, dining, and kitchen on the first floor that flows out to the backyard. The bedrooms are located above on the second floor and the master bedroom includes a deck. The bedrooms also open to a hallway seating area that provides a personal desk for each of the children around the double volume living space.  

Schematic 2:

In the second design you enter into the double volume living space that opens out onto the backyard. The existing garage was converted to a granny flat ADU and the house uses the roof by converting it into an exterior deck for the upper floor. The pool was modified to include a baja shelf and integrated deck that flows from outside to inside with a covered trellis.

Schematic 3:

The third design kept the existing location of the garage and pool house completely separate from the new house design. This concept limited the structural modifications to 8 new structural supports and one new wall modification of the existing structure to provide a completely new second story addition and overall design for the existing home.